Monday, April 18, 2011

A recent thread on inspired me to do a little bit of Internet necromancy and try to find the earliest mention by Pagan Publishing about Our Darkest Hour.
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The following books are ready for printing:

DG Eyes Only 3 Project Rainbow: Which is going to press on friday.

DG: Dark Theaters trade paperback: This revised edition will be available soon, most likely by the end of next month.

The following books are in production:

Delta Green: From an Dim and Ultimate Thule: A WWII era Delta Green novel dealing with the Great Race, Deep Ones and other nastiness. This should go to press some time the in the forseeable future, maybe within the next three months...

There are several DG: Eyes Only volumes in the works including:

Agents, Friendlies and Bronsons: 41+ Fully detailed NPCs for any Delta Green campaign.

Black Cod Island: An ancient Deep One colony located in southern Alaska still survives today, despite an attempt by the Haida indians of the northwest to stomp out the alien threat in the 1730's.

As far as big books go, the next planned biggie which is already underway is

Delta Green: Our Darkest Hour, a sourcebook for playing DG during WWII. Most likely it will make Countdown look like a slim little volume.

Cult of Transcendence is in the middle of its endless rewrite as we speak, no definite idea on when (or if) it will ever be released.

Other plans include a large campaign (modern day) for DG and more fiction.

Suggestions are welcome.

Dennis Detwiller.
Art Director/Co-Creator of Delta Green/Silly Rabbit
Pagan Publishing
But that's not the earliest mention of Our Darkest Hour, as there are posts as early as April 2000 mentioning the product. I purchased Delta Green sometime after August 1997, when I moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I almost immediately got the idea for running a WWII campaign with it. I had created a website (two actually: one for WWII Delta Green, the other for Delta Green set before the Second World War), but I shuttered it when Dennis Detwiller announced on the DGML that Our Darkest Hour was in production... and that announcement was not in this email above.

That means that ODH has been announced for at least 11 years, and maybe even as long as 13 years. That's about the time it took the actual war to be fought twice over. All I can say is that both Scott Glancy and Shane Ivey have recently expressed strong interest in getting the book done, and not in the long-term but in the immediate future. I have delivered my own (very) rough draft of the OSS/Delta Green chapter, and have been working on similar drafts for the other "organization" chapters. Still, more definitely needs to be done, at least on my end.